RIP, Digby

Digby 227

So crushing, it’s hard to even write about. Our wonderful giant bear, Digby has passed away. The 165lb Dane-mastiff with the colossal heart, opened up our lives and gave us so much love.

He was taken far too soon.

Now, everywhere I turn I see either a reminder of him or a hole where he should be.

The smiles, the paws, the best days we had together—I’ll never forget.


I miss you, old friend.

5 thoughts on “RIP, Digby

  1. Bless Digby! It’s tuff stuff losing a lovely pet / companion. Your words will never be enough. I lost my 14 yr old Jack Russell in April this year and he is still every where I look and go. We have a new puppy girl now, not a replacement for him as she will take on her own character . My house was empty without the boy, this was the longest spell in over thirty years that we have not had a dog, my house is alive again now, forgot what it was like to have a pup. You will never forget Digby! Good luck and think good thoughts.

    • They are wonderful, wonderful dogs…I can’t imagine how painful it must have been to lose both of them so young. Thank you for the thoughts, and I hope your future is filled with big, sloppy friends…

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