The World’s Greatest Explorer—Lord Ranulph Fiennes


The World’s Greatest Explorer—Lord Ranulph Fiennes

He’s a real guy—recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest explorer ever. And, he’s the inspiration for the character of Steve in THE TIME EATER (a Foster Raymond: Fossil Hunter Novel).

Among his incredible achievements, Fiennes has trekked both poles, climbed Everest, discovered lost cities…and run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Check out this TIME Magazine interview with the great wanderer:,8599,1900969,00.html?imw=Y

Hell Creek T. Rex Opens Door to Real Jurassic Park

Well, it’s a crazy long-shot to be honest. But viable soft tissue and cells found in a T. rex fossil could theoretically yield dino DNA! Check out what the NY Times has to say about it:

Teenage Fossil Hunter Discovers Weird Dinosaur!

A great friend of mine, Erik Ellefsen, sent me this link to an NBC story about a teenage fossil hunter who beat the pros to discover a baby dinosaur– awesome stuff!

Leakey Raymond–Dog of Greatness!


Leakey Raymond--Dog of Greatness!

Hi, I’m Foster Raymond’s great companion, Leakey–named after Richard E. Leakey, fossil hunter. I won’t discuss my weight-it’s not polite to ask. But I am a proud Newfoundland Retriever.

Always looking for new friends–so share your pics of your own dog pals!